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1-14 Thin Height Flex Locknuts / Steel / Cadmium (Quantity: 25 pcs)

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Flex Type Lock Nuts
Light Hex, Full Height
Steel, Cadmium Plated & Waxed

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Description - An all-metal, one-piece, hex-shaped lock nut with a round collar at its back end. The collar is segmented with opposed slots cut into it above each corner of the nut. When the screw or bolt reaches the collar, the slotted portion expands which creates the prevailing torque locking action. The light hex variety has a lesser across the flats dimension resulting in a lighter-weight part with the same strength as a heavy hex variety. Applications/Advantages - The full height light hex lock nut has the same locking capability as the heavy hex FlexLoc® nut, but with greater wrench clearance. FlexLoc® nuts maintain their locking strength through 15 removals and re-applications and re-applications. The temperature service limit for steel nuts is 550°F (450°F if zinc or cadmium plated); the temperature limit for stainless nuts (with no additional finish) is 800°F. They have superior resistance to vibration compared to all other lock nut varieties and do not gall threads.
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EAN 8945136474993
Material Steel
Size 1"-14
RoHS On Request
Technical File 1 pdf
Technical File 2 pdf
Carton Quantity 25
Unit of Measure Pounds
Finish Cadmium
Measurement System Inch
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